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We're Back in School

School's never out for us! Because we believe in giving school students a head start in life, lighting the fire of enthusiasm and the passion for technological innovation in their young minds.

That's why we constantly share our superior IT knowledge with young people who can bring the next wave of innovation and excellence.

A Special
Lecture / Workshop

A colleague of ours will present a special lecture at your school – about the IT industry, about the different roles in it and how do they collaborate to develop a great product. Got an idea of a lecture topic? Don't hesitate sharing it with us!

Perhaps you're more interested in a workshop? We do those too. Lectures/workshops usually take between 1 and 3 hours – all details and topics are arranged beforehand.

Experience Freedom

A Substitute Teacher

Yes, we'll be sending a Nemetschek Bulgaria substitute teacher to your classroom! At least for one school hour We'll pick a theme from your core course, and present it in a new and cool way. It will be lots of fun – we bet!

Experience Freedom

A Tour of our Office

Maybe instead of us getting to your school, you want to see what the office of a leading IT company looks like? And check out firsthand how our work environment feels like? We can invite your class here and take you on a little tour through the Nemetschek Bulgaria headquarters.

You're welcome!

Experience Freedom