A Team Like No Other

You're not likely to find an IT company quite like Nemetschek Bulgaria. Not the humblest statement, we know. But one that we stand by. 'Cause we're professional, we're fun and we're not your typical employer.

We welcome innovation and bright-eyed enthusiasm. 

Got some?

Experience Freedom

We challenge traditional working environment by giving employees more freedom, rights, and responsibilities.

There's no bossing around here – we go for transparency and communication instead. Having a casual chat and a drink with your manager (or any company manager for that matter) is not an exception but an everyday thing.

Experience Freedom

Fit Right In

We know how important it is to really fit in, not fake it.

This is why we make sure our team consists of like-minded professionals – both young enthusiasts and seasoned veterans.

Thus everyone has the possibility to work in the right environment – constantly gaining valuable knowledge from his peers, acquiring top-notch work experience or collaborating with high-level experts.

Experience Freedom

Tread Your Own Path

We believe in change and progress.

Therefore we always consider and constantly encourage the desire of our team members to change their working priorities when necessary, and even develop a new career vision.

It's all about self-initiative and daring – from Office Manager to Marketing Manager, from QA to Talent Development Team Lead, there are a number of possibilities that are primarily up to you.

Experience Freedom

Make Progress,
Maintain Stability

During the two decades of our history, we’ve learned that true progress is the only stability. All our efforts are firmly rooted in our core values, but we always move forward, we grow and we enjoy seeing how each member of the team grows alongside. Rest assured that this is the direction we will continue in – further establishing our reputation of an innovative IT company and trusted partners.

In 2019 we celebrated our 20th birthday and we’re looking at the next decadewith bright-eyed optimism.

Experience Freedom

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